Easy-to-use ticketing platform with world class fraud prevention

PayiQ’s platform is a cloud-based service for anyone wanting to sell a ticket or a bundle of tickets as one simple transaction to the end-user.

The first users of PayiQ’s platform have been public transportation systems that are using the service to handle the increasing number of one-time mobile ticket buyers. Right behind them is the potentially explosive market of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operators that offer an alternative to owning a car by combining multiple integrated modes of transportation behind one app and one periodic fee.

The next wave of users will be events organizers that want to integrate ticketing and validation into their own events site or app. After that the possibilities are endless. You can combine any form or combination of transportation with events or museums or sports facilities.

There are three ways to start using PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service platform. The fastest way is to start selling your tickets through the PayiQ Tickets general app. This way you can get going within hours. The second option is to build your own branded ticket app using our White label application. The third is to integrate our ticketing service into your service via our Online Cloud API.

The technical core of PayiQ’s platform is not payments, but fraud prevention. The intelligent fraud prevention engine calculates a score for every transaction, whether a payment or an authentication, based on the device used and the location. If the score is high, the transaction is rejected. There are different plugins that can be used to analyze and calculate the score for increased understanding of user behavior.

The backend software, serving customers and their applications, runs on a secured Linux operating system managed by default in Microsoft Azure cloud using Microsoft datacenter closest to the customer’s geographic region (or, in special cases, in private national datacenters). PayiQ also utilizes the HERE positioning system which geographically locates every transaction made through the system.

PayiQ supports all common payment methods. Purchases can be charged through mobile phone billing and all the usual credit cards. In addition, online wallets or consolidated invoicing can also be used. Our data handling complies with the PCI DSS information security standards which meet all the requirements defined by international credit card companies. PayiQ’s technology has also been audited by F-Secure.

Every transaction is a chance to learn more about customers. Together these transactions form big data sets that can be used to further develop the transportation service, event marketing and management, as well as the overall customer satisfaction.

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