Built with service integrators in mind

A third party systems integrator is needed when a customer wants to integrate PayiQ’s service to a private cloud instead of using the Azure-based standard option.

In this case, the systems integrator develops the last mile development and in some cases takes care of the hosting as well. At times PayiQ’s ticketing service is something an integrator wants to offer as part of their own service portfolio.

The technology was built with this in mind: it is a scalable service with an open-integration cloud API which supports a wide range of system integrations, such as route management solutions, operator backbone systems, loyalty programs, data analysis and reporting. It allows mobile ticketing and payment with real-time fraud prevention to be integrated with a wide variety of online services.

PayiQ’s client software, both web user Interfaces and mobile apps, communicates with the backend through the Online Cloud API. All the integrations are produced through these interfaces. For security reasons, there is no other communication access to the backend platform.

PayiQ’s online service is fully documented and the documentation is available to our partners. We provide our OEM customers access to our online cloud API to enable full embedding of our technology into third-party solutions.



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