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To an events organizer, in the short run, two things count above else: the number of attendants and the price of services used.

A close third is the reliability of the ticketing system throughout the event’s lifecycle. In the longer run, to build a strong brand in the crowded world of events, a holistic, seamless customer experience is a must.

Often the information about an event is found in one place, but the ticket must be bought at another service, often a massive international ticket webshop. The big web shops for tickets have strong brands and provide a solid service, but the commissions can be significant, and the customer experience may be broken when attendants must change service to get their tickets.

If you plug PayiQ into your cloud-based event service or application, you get what every event organizer wants: a one-stop shop for your event. From communication before and during the event to buying and using tickets, your customer is never sent outside your service to get what he or she wants.

PayiQ is natively mobile, quick to start using (you just send PayiQ the needed information and your system is up in hours), easy to use, and reliable throughout the event. PayiQ’s service also scales effortlessly. Whether you are building an event, or an event-based business that starts small but is intended to grow, PayiQ can handle your mobile ticketing needs.

The future probably belongs to those who package everything an attendant needs into one service or app. Multimodal ticketing, which PayiQ already enables, can be extended to all transportation to and from the event. The application can also be used for purchases during an event, such as food, t-shirts, upgrades etc. No matter what your event, a small town get-together or a massive sports event or concert, the whole customer experience, which begins at home and ends at home, can be handled in one app, with just a few taps of a finger.


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