The benefits of PayiQ smart ticketing

Customers are more and more appreciative of simplicity while buying tickets and services through the device they always carry, the mobile phone.

In order to make the customer experience as good as possible, cutomers must feel safe with the solution and be able to use the payment methods they prefer. They must also be able to shop their tickets at any time without having to stand in line. And the validation of the ticket while entering transportation or a venue should be fast and smooth. 

The benefits of PayiQ smart ticketing:


PayiQ’s Ticketing as a Service platform contains intelligent fraud prevention that detects potential risks in real-time so they can be tracked and prevented. Data handling complies with the PCI DSS information security standards which meet all the requirements defined by international credit card companies. By reducing the cash in circulation, the security of the staff is also increased. No frauds means no loss of money for the operator.

PayiQ is compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Services Directive (PSD2).


PayiQ offers a flexible mobile payment system that supports all common payment methods. Purchases can be charged through credit and debit cards, mobile operator phone billing, consolidated invoicing, online wallets or other preferred payment methods.

With the PayiQ Tickets app, customers can be offered multimodal transport services as well as combination tickets. A combination ticket could, for example, be a ticket to an event and transportation to the venue.

Ticket products are flexible and can be offered as a single or periodic ticket, with recurring payments, top-up of travel cards etc.

Pricing is dynamic and can quickly be changed and instantly made available to customers without the need for application upgrades. With PayiQ Tickets Live Content customers can also be offered new content and services.

Tickets can be sold in the generic PayiQ Ticket app, as a branded app with our White label solution, or integrated with your service via our cloud API.


PayiQ Ticketing as a Service is both a cost-effective and fast time-to-market solution. The initial capital cost for implementation is low while the running cost consists of a license fee and a transaction-based fee.

The online cloud solution makes it scalable and easy to grow, regardless of operator size. Through the API, the Ticketing as a Service solution can easily be integrated with a third-party system.


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