Base your purchase decision on a real life pilot

Implementing mobile ticketing into an existing transport system may sound like a daunting task. No transport authority wants to see broken deadlines, mounting cost and experience the wrath of dissatisfied travelers.

The best way to prepare for a large-scale implementation is to pilot the service on a few specific routes and means of transportation. Let’s say a bus line or two, a tram route, and a train connection.

PayiQ can build a pilot program with ticketing system, validation infrastructure (reading of the tickets) and relevant reporting in less than a month – two weeks is our record so far! The routes are chosen together with the customer and the data collected is not just quantitative, as we also interview end-users as well as operators about their experience, in order to get a full picture of the program’s successes and development areas.

The data from the pilot is a solid foundation on which to build the decision regarding wider implementation. The service can be scaled in intervals or it can be implemented service-wide and, especially in the case of municipalities, public procurement can be organized based on real experience and real data.

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