PayiQ and MaaS Global Oy Partners for Domestic and International Markets

PayiQ and MaaS Global Oy Partners for Domestic and International Markets

PayiQ and MaaS Global are heading together for global markets. The companies strengthen their partnership to provide the best solution for smart cities, transportation industry and the whole MaaS sector.

MaaS Global and PayiQ are taking their cooperation for Mobility as a Service market to a new strategic level. They’re expanding their cooperation beyond MaaS, smart ticketing data, real time public transport fleet information, intelligent ticketing analysis and multi-modal adoptions with PayiQ’s “Hop-on Hop-off”. This will make public transport safer for next generation travelers. PayiQ’s innovation makes inroads into MaaS for “hands-free tickets”.

This partnership includes speed to market integrations and adding smart ticketing and payments to the platform (backend) level. MaaS Global and PayiQ will execute fast deployments across global markets and collaborate on joint sales efforts for this sector, providing the best solution for smart cities, public transportation industry and the entire MaaS ecosystem.

“We are excited to get our cooperation into this new practical level. We have collaborated since the beginning of the company, then called MaaS Finland, as PayiQ was one of its founding members. Together we can provide a total solution for the global MaaS market. You will start seeing the results of this cooperation shortly on real implementations” says Tuomo Parjanen, the CEO of PayiQ.

“This is a major initiative for both of us. Our resources are being moved from sales into research and development while the world is experiencing never seen before challenges. Innovation will be on steroids for months to come. The world will soon see unorthodox alliances, a flood of new products and services, and plenty of radical rethinking that would not have been possible at ordinary times. By joining our forces we will be even stronger and better prepared for the new era”, tells Sampo Hietanen, the CEO of MaaS Global.

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