I don't remember my PIN code.

You can create a new PIN code by following these instructions:

  • logout from the app (through Settings)
  • login to the app
  • the app immediately asks you to create a new PIN code
During registration I entered my phone number incorrectly, how do I change it?

Registration will not be completed if the phone number is incorrect. Wait 20 minutes and start registration again. If you still cannot register, please contact customer service at support@payiq.net.

I forgot to do the email verification in time and now I cannot access my account anymore.

If email verification is not done in due time (7 days), your account will be automatically deleted. You can register again using the same email address as before. If you run into any problems during registration, please contact customer service at support@payiq.net, preferably from the email address with which you want to register to the app.

I can no longer purchase tickets with the app.

You might have exceeded the usage limit of your payment method. Usage limits vary according to the payment method.

  • The monthly usage limit of Mobile payment is 150€. It also includes all other services that have been bought through operator billing.
  • With Svea billing the credit limit is 60€. It also includes all other services that have been charged through Svea. You can increase the credit limit to 300€ from the app’s Setting.
  • The credit limits of bank and debit cards are defined in an agreement with your bank.
I chose Mobile payment as my payment method and now I have the following information in my Settings: "Remaining 150.00€". What does it mean?

150€ is the amount of money that can be used to buy products and service through direct operator billing each month. You will only be charged according to what you actually use.

My address has changed.

You can update your address in the app’s Settings.

I am going to switch to another email account, how can I change the new email address to my account?

You cannot change the email address yourself. Please contact customer service at support@payiq.net and the new email address will be updated to your information. After this logging in to the app is done using the new email address.

My phone number has changed, how can I update my phone number in the Settings?

You cannot change the phone number yourself. Please contact customer service at support@payiq.net and the new number will be updated to your information.

I will be needing a ticket next week, can I buy a mobile ticket in advance?

Tickets bought with the app are valid immediately after purchase, so you should buy tickets only just before you need them.

There is some confusion with the invoice I received.

Please contact directly the issuer of the invoice.

The bus was late and the validity time of my ticket run out.

PayiQ is not responsible for the buses and their timetables. If you want to get refunded please contact the traffic contractor/service provider directly. Their contact information can be found on the receipt sent to your email.


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