• PayiQ Tickets is a new payment and ticketing solution that enables a secure and simple selling of digital and traditional 
					products and services. It offers its customers a quick, easy and secure way to make mobile purchases.
    PayiQ® Tickets is a safe
    and secure app for
    buying mobile tickets.

Smart Cities using PayiQ-services

Jyväskylä Takes Mobile Tickets into Use

Starting from September 2016 the customers of Jyväskylä region public transport can buy their bus tickets mobile. Buying tickets with a smart phone application is easy, fast and secure.

PayiQ Tickets' key features are achieved by utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud services, enabling a wide range of system integrations and having a fully customizable mobile application that runs on all common platforms.

Jyväskylä introduced mobile tickets in a very fast schedule. Need for a versatile and flexible payment method arose because paying with bank and credit cards was no longer possible in the local traffic buses. The new mobile application supports all the most common payment methods: mobile payment, bank and credit cards and consolidated invoicing with Svea billing.

Jyväskylä region public traffic’s app is free and it is first available for Android and iOS phones and later for Windows phones too.

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Jyväskylä Takes Mobile Tickets into Use.

Oulu Is at the Forefront of Smart Mobility Services

Oulu is at the Forefront of Smart Mobility Services

Oulu Public Transport is the first transportation service in Finland to combine mobile tickets and traveling zones into the new generation of services.

Oulu is one of the first cities in Finland to take advantage of our new extended cloud interface. The new PayiQ® Online Cloud Service makes it possible to move over from traditional travel cards to dynamic ticketing services and products.

Turku is the First in the World to Offer Mobile Loading of Travel Card

The selection of Föli app’s services got bigger in October 2016 as travel cards can be loaded using mobile phones. There is no need to carry a separate travel card anymore, all the ticket services can now be found on your smartphone.

The Föli app of Turku region traffic is the first in the world to offer mobile loading of travel cards. You can use the app to load Föli value card or to purchase season tickets. You can choose from three options when loading your value card: €10, € 20 or €30.

The option of purchasing 30-, 90- and 180-day season tickets is initially limited to specific customer groups. You can also use the application to extend the duration of your season ticket. The service is continuously being developed and new customer groups will be gradually added. The Föli app is free and available for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

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Turku is the First in the World to Offer Mobile Loading of Travel Card