• PayiQ is a new payment and ticketing solution that specializes in solutions for selling digital and physical goods in safe, 
                    secure and simple manner. It offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to pay with their mobile phones.
    The Best Technology
    at Your Disposal...

PayiQ combines the best mobile technologies to the fastest and most secure cloud services in order to produce payment services that are not dependent on time or place for clients on the move.

Our application can be downloaded to all most common smart phones straight from the application stores. It is easy and effortless to use the application. We provide the best secure payments combined with fast ticket control with our own iQ Validator. Versatile reporting in real time enables connections to financial administration and to other operative systems. PayiQ can execute cash collection and match accounts on different merchant levels. Several different subcontractors can function under the same marketing name.

Our versatile real time algorithms that we use for risk control are the best fraud prevention in the business.

From our application it is possible to join also other applications such as route guides and so on.