• PayiQ is a new payment and ticketing solution that specializes in solutions for selling digital and physical goods in safe, 
                    secure and simple manner. It offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to pay with their mobile phones.
    Secure Mobile Payment
    Several Different Payment Methods...

PayiQ combines the safest payment methods in one mobile application. The clients do not need to carry several cards or cash with them, because now they can be placed in mobile application in safe and secure way.

In the PayiQ mobile application, you can select the most suitable payment methods for you: invoice, debit and credit cards or operator billing.

IQ Payment ensures up to 45 days of interest-free payment time and monthly collective invoices. Debit and credit payments function on all most common cards. For the operator billing, please check from us the available operators in your country.

Loyalty programmes, bonus systems and other payment methods suitable for mobile payments can also be connected to the PayiQ applications. You can combine products of different service providers into one entity.

Think about how you could profit of the PayiQ mobile application.