• PayiQ is a new payment and ticketing solution that specializes in solutions for selling digital and physical goods in safe, 
                    secure and simple manner. It offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to pay with their mobile phones.
    Secure Mobile Payment
    Travel Tickets Always with You...

Your PayiQ mobile application is always with you and you don't have to care about other payment cards, passwords or small change. The faster payment transaction makes everyone's journey faster and the receipts of payment transactions are always safe both in the application and in your email.

You can also buy tickets for more than one person at a time, for example, when travelling with family or in a group. Personal PayiQ applications can be activated for businesses or to children so that they are connected to the account of the main user who can then follow the journeys of the others.

Active tickets are shown in the application also when the phone is not connected to a network. You can browse the history of purchased tickets and give feedback to the service provider. You can also change your payment method whenever according to your own needs.

The provider of the payment service receives information in real time of all payment and travel events.