• PayiQ is a new payment and ticketing solution that specializes in solutions for selling digital and physical goods in safe, 
                    secure and simple manner. It offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to pay with their mobile phones.
    Easy and Secure
    Mobile Payment
    in Real Time...

PayiQ is a new payment and ticket solution. Both digital and traditional products and services can be sold with our application safely and simply. It provides a fast, easy and secure way to pay with your mobile appliance. Travel tickets always with you.

Our mobile application is more than just a store: it is also a communication channel through which you can give your clients instructions and practical advice. For example, about timetable changes, campaign prices, offers and bonuses.

Our system is open to all safe payment methods: card payments, bills, operator IP bills, regular customers, bonus payments and other mobile payment methods. Once the client has started using the application, they only need to use one selected PIN code to manage their payments.

It is possible to communicate updated information to the client by using the mobile application, for example, about route planning, timetable changes, bonuses or special offers.